Know Where Your Food Comes From

At Tocabe, we take time to select only the best ingredients for your meal. Our team is continually in search of the highest quality ingredients sourced from like-minded producers and vendors. We are excited about
partnerships with Native and Indigenous producers as well as vendors on a local level who share our values. To us ingredients don’t just make the food, they tell the story behind it.

Red Lake Nation Foods – Wild Rice and 100% Maple Syrup

A Native American owned company dedicated to producing unique specialty products that represent the cultural
heritage of the over 10,000 members of the Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians. Red Lake Nation Foods is
located in the northern Minnesota counties of Beltrami and Clearwater, approximately 30 miles north of Bemidji.

Seka Hills – Olive Oil and Elderberry Balsamic Vinegar

Named for the blue hills of northern California’s Capay Valley, the Yocha Dehe tribe tends to their ancestral homelands as they have for thousands of years. As good environmental stewards, the Yocha Dehe practice
responsible water usage in their certified organic fields and use traditional wisdom to preserve the natural balance of the landscape.

Ramona Farms – Tepary Beans and Wheat Berries

Ramona Farms began on a ten-acre allotment on the Gila River Reservation in southern Arizona. Over time, the farm expanded to grow an array of NON-GMO heirloom products, like the ancient tepary bean, without the use of pesticides or herbicides. Ramona Farms is committed to preserving culture and promoting the value of traditional foods to daily life.

Bow & Arrow – Indian Corn and Blue Corn

Between Four Corners Monument and Mesa Verde National Park in southwestern Colorado, the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe began producing high quality corn products in 1962. O n their 7,700 acre farm at the base of the Sleeping Ute Mountain, Bow & Arrow uses state of the art sustainability practices to grow, harvest, and mill their award winning NON-GMO products.

Rock River Ranches – Bison

Working with local Colorado bison ranchers, RRR purchases and raises yearlings for an additional 10-14 months. The bison is fed a natural, balanced diet, kept in small groups to promote exercise, and never given any growth hormones or antibiotics. Harvested in groups of 10 or 12 locally in Pierce, Colorado, their products are then delivered sustainably using B100 biodiesel.

Red Bird Farms – Chicken

Red Bird Farms is a Colorado Proud company raising cage free chickens that are never given antibiotics or hormones. Their flocks are fed a vegetarian diet and kept in spacious barns with plenty of ventilation where
they have unlimited access to food and water. Red Bird remains active in the community through education outreach, volunteering, and charitable donations.